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The Movers & Storers team chat with Juliet Dunn – Managing Director – EVO Supplies Ltd

Wednesday, October 18th, 2023

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Since being founded in 2013, EVO has gone on to be seen as the industry standard for skates.

How did Evo Supplies begin?

Evo Supplies Ltd was founded in 2013, when Greg and I bought a small general removals supplies business, mainly in order to get our hands on the industrial unit it was based in! We were both owners of other businesses at the time, so in the early, Evo just jogged along without much ambition. The major change we made was to strip the business right back to its really Unique Selling Point  – the manufacture of wooden furniture skates, both plain and personalised.

In 2016, I switched careers to head up Evo Supplies, with the aim of transforming the business into the UK’s go-to manufacturer of furniture skates.

And how is that going?

Well, from a tiny operation making just two types of skate in three sizes, we now offer an ever-expanding range of sizes, shapes and loading capacities. In 2022 we acquired part of a long-established engineering business, and with it the manufacturing rights, machinery and know-how to continue making their highly regarded range of welded aluminium piano trolleys. Since their Evo re-launch last November, the trolleys have been a great success, enhancing our reputation as a manufacturer of the highest quality products, and broadening our customer base.

Quality is important to you, isn’t it?

Quality is everything to Evo Supplies! And it’s something we’re constantly striving to improve. Competitors come and go, and they naturally focus on beating us on price alone. Fair enough: everyone is looking to make savings in the current economic climate. However, I know my customers. And they come to Evo Supplies because they value our values, and they know that, whatever the cost pressures, we will never compromise on the quality of the materials and components we use, or on the quality of our manufacturing methods, which are constantly evolving. And we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, too.

In this, I believe we reflect the ethos of the many business owners and trade bodies in the removals industry who simply refuse to engage in a ‘race to the bottom’ on price alone, believing instead that their highly trained teams, well maintained vehicles and exemplary service standards will speak for themselves.

If the increasing number of loyal Evo customers is anything to go by, then I’m confident that the Quality card remains the Ace in our pack.

What has been your biggest challenge?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has undoubtedly been our greatest challenge so far. Not just closing down for the first lockdown and furloughing our staff, but the 20 months of terrible supply chain issues that followed – from nuts and bolts to wood and rubber, there were times when we simply couldn’t get hold of what we needed. Plus, we’d assumed demand for skates post-lockdown would be slow. We were wrong – the volume of orders went off the scale!

What are you most proud of?

Building the Evo Supplies brand and reputation. And building a great team. We currently have four production staff making wooden skates, and a highly qualified welder working on the aluminium trolleys. Along with Maria, our indispensable Office & Planning Manager, it’s definitely the people who make Evo Supplies.

Why are you coming to the Movers & Storers Show this year?

It’s such a great opportunity to meet others in the industry – our fellow exhibitors as well as all the visitors. This will be our sixth appearance at the show, and the fifth for which we’ve made a special Prize Skate in support of the show’s chosen charity.

We love getting involved in the pre-show marketing on social media, we always make our stand as vibrant and eye-catching as possible, and we encourage visitors to pick up some fun giveaways. This year, rather than bringing a van-load of products with us, we’ll be showing just a representative selection of skates and trolleys, and offering a printed catalogue detailing the full extent of our range, that people can take away and keep for future reference.  

And away from work?

Greg and I are lucky enough to live and work on Britain’s most easterly inhabited island – Mersea Island in Essex, famed for oysters and sailing. We tend to give the oysters a miss, but sailing, and generally messing about in boats, is our passion, and we love to travel, too. Next stop, India.



We are on stand A2 at the Movers & Storers Show, and we love to talk to and share our passion for all things SKATE!

If you want to arrange a chat/meeting please click on this link to our profile, were you can arrange a suitable time.


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