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Unlock the Power of Google Ads: Your Path to Business Success.

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

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Laura Moxham of YBA ppc Reveals the 3 Biggest Secrets

NAEC, Warwickshire – Are you tired of watching your competition effortlessly swoop in to pick up customers? Frustrated by finding the best way to attract new customers? Look no further! Laura Moxham, the visionary founder of YBA (Your Business Angels), is here to unveil the three most significant secrets to harness the full potential of Google Ads for your business.

Laura Moxham’s journey with Google Ads began with a game-changing experience. In just six months, she managed to acquire a staggering 108 new customers, skyrocketing her company’s turnover by £30,000 with an astonishing 220% return on investment. That remarkable success story inspired her to establish YBA, and today, she is renowned as a Google Premier Partner, ranking among the top 3% of agencies in the industry.

Join Laura Moxham for an exclusive FREE opportunity to learn how to unlock the hidden potential of Google Ads for your business when she speaks at the 2023 seminar program. In this exclusive event, Laura Moxham will share her invaluable insights and expertise, demonstrating how Google Ads can transform your business into a well-oiled machine for generating new inquiries. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a future where your business attracts customers seamlessly and efficiently.

Laura’s journey started in 2014 after attending a marketing course in Google Ads, which ignited a lightbulb moment. Implementing the strategies she learned over the following six months, Laura and her team attracted 108 new customers, contributing £30,340 to their turnover, all while achieving an impressive ROI of 220%.

However, Laura’s dedication didn’t stop there. Over the past decade, she has invested heavily in learning, traversing the globe, participating in programs and courses offered by some of the world’s most renowned marketing experts. She has devoured countless books and courses, dedicating six intense months of her life to study her newfound craft day and night.

Today, Laura Moxham stands as a testament to the power of continuous learning and dedication. Her agency, YBA, has not only earned multiple awards but has also achieved the prestigious status of a Google Premier Partner, ranking among the top 3% of agencies worldwide.

Unlock the secrets of Google Ads with Laura Moxham and position your business for unprecedented success. Don’t miss this opportunity to propel your business forward!

For more information and to reserve your seat at the seminar –

About Laura Moxham: Laura Moxham is the visionary founder of YBA (Your Business Angels), a leading marketing agency specializing in harnessing the power of Google Ads. With over a decade of experience and numerous accolades, Laura has earned her place as a Google Premier Partner and one of the top 3% of agencies globally. Her mission is to empower businesses to thrive through strategic online advertising.

YBA ppc will also be exhibiting at the show on stand C6 and you can arrange a meeting prior to the show via the following link.


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