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How do you record drivers absence?

Friday, August 19th, 2022

Posted in Uncategorized | Written by Richard Pegler

Do you record your holidays and absence on your tachograph records?

Cast your mind back to August 2020…yes I know that in this fast moving world it can be difficult remembering what happened last week, but our friends at Backhouse Jones are reminding everyone that an important rule change occurred at that time – the recording of holidays and absence on your tachograph records. They believe most operators and drivers are still unaware of the new rules.

That said: This is just one of the changes to the tachograph record keeping obligations for drivers of vehicles covered by the EU tachograph rules that came into force in August 2020…but which most drivers and operators are still unaware of!

Well, if you’ve not heard about this, you’re probably not alone!

There has been no official guidance of substance from anyone, including the DfT or the Office of the Traffic Commissioner, about what is expected and the change have not been widely publicised.

In August 2020, after just approximately a 20-day lead time, the changes were finalised and introduced.

Now, from January 2022, the DVSA have changed their approach to the changes and have been enforcing them both at the roadside and during operator investigations.

It is perhaps therefore no surprise that we are now receiving numerous queries from operators on a daily basis.

They went on to say ‘We believe the vast majority of operators and drivers are completely unaware of the new recording obligations…but we are here to help! We are running a 2.5 hour e-Training course, delivered in conjunction with Gordon Humphreys from Foster Tachographs and Transport Compliance (the UK’s leading tachograph expert), on this subject.  We will examine the rule changes in detail, the record keeping obligations for drivers, the impact on your analysis of drivers’ hours and tachograph records and the implications for operators and transport managers of getting it wrong’.

They believe around 99% of operators and drivers will not be complying with the new rules.

Make sure you understand this rule change by contacting Backhouse Jones who in conjunction with Gordon Humphreys from Foster Tachographs is running an e-training course on 14 April at just £78 per delegate (Just £65 per person for any trade association member).

Call 01254 828 300 or email at


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